Despondent Me

Today my heart aches and my lips droop,
my tear glands secrete tears,
those tears, drop like a longitude on my face,
covering the mid of the north and end of the south pole of my face,
covering the cheeks which fall in between,
my nose stands like an iceberg between my wavy cheeks,
which are wet like the sea, wet in itself.
Oh my nose erupts like a volcano,
but upside down while I cry,
and I can feel whole ocean of saline water in my mouth.
I cry, yes, these rains from the white clouds with black spot occurs frequently,
yes these rains vary,
from light drizzling that cools down the hot temper,
to heavy rainfalls that cause flood and destruction,
from creating rainbows to creating thunders,I cry.
Yes I do, these tears, these round,saline sparkly,
dewy tears they are,
They are an expression of the cyclone
which occurs here below in my heart and destroys
everything in and out the surface,
These cyclones are like the bomb which fell
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki affecting me for days, months and years .
These tears, they makes my cheeks fertile,
where sprouts the springs of laughter at times.
Tears they are, a bliss, an expression of love,
care, anger, hatred, hope, despair and every other emotion,
an emotion in itself , a beautiful one.
Tears are words that blabber my secrets out,
Oh uncontrollable tears, you flow from my leaking eyes
no matter how much I try to cover it up with my artificial expressions,
you come out rushing and scream like anything
” No, no she is lying, this is not what she feels..”
Why do you care?
Why are you so innocent so true?
You do not even know how chaste, how pure you are,
more chaste than any virgin damsel,
more holy than the holy water itself..
Oh tears, you don’t know you are a darling,
you need love and appreciation ,
I know they hate you, but I don’t ,
In fact I love you,
I love you for your purity,
I love you for your innocence and
I love you,
I love you because
I live for you.”


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