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We all have poems within us. Poems imbibed within our being that take the shape of feelings and solidify with time. Poems that intertwine with poems of those around us and take hues of euphoria, love, and reminiscence. Poems that screech. Poems that bleed. Poems that leak. Poems that stay on our faces as our eyes speak. Poems that touch our surface. Poems that the air carries when it brushes against our faces. We inhale verses. We exhale poems that come oozing out of us in the rhythm of our breath. If we see the world around us with the intent to see, and not merely loom, we would realize that everything is a poem. The most beautiful thing about having a poem is that your poem belongs to no one but you. And that you can change the ending verse any time. We, at ‘The Poem In Me’ present our thoughts; we give words to every verse within us, so that our poems solidify into your poems. So that our poems intertwine with your poems. And the hues that take birth out of this unison make this world brighter.

Fathers’ Day Special – Dear Daughter

He’s been giving you love, since the time you didn’t even know what it meant.
He’s spent sleepless nights, that you’ll never know of.
He’s cried countless tears, that you’ll never hear of.
He’s the one who always takes the risk of being disliked back, when he’s correcting you.
He’s here. That’s temporary.
He’ll never ask for your money
Or tell you that he needs your company, irrespective of how much he ends up feeling lonely.
Life is smaller than we think.
Be with him, not just physically.
That’s the least you can do.
Let him know how much you love him.